As much I would care less than I already do about planting although I’m a huge fan of greenery and flowers of all kinds; I was very much excited to take kid and participate in McDonald’s “Go Green” day which celebrates Earth Day as they usually do on annual basis. I’m totally not bluffing when I tell you that this is the first time I get to know of this activity although several other parties conduct the same but hey, Ronald’s in the equation and I would never miss on having Alma go bananas over him!



It was announced in local papers and I thank God for Google Maps (as well as the driver Nasser) who managed to pass over directions to Salwa Park (Block 11) where McDonald’s branch is and although it was pretty hot, there was a decent crowd. The crowd is so special and they are sweet, many organizations taking care of special needs children encourage these kids in ‘Earthly’ activities to embed sense of responsibility towards mother nature as well as engage them with the community after all, they are normal children who deserve to live and love life to the max. <3  so side by side  with other kids from different schools, they all were on foot and hand to plant a small flower pot or a patch of green grass. “Go Green” is sponsored by The Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources as well as numerous special needs organizations and private schools.


As always, there’s a small team that acts like an army behind every McDoanld’s event; Need I add that they are all ladies, so utter respect goes to each and every single one of them for their contribution as well as dedication in translating their love to the society into fancy decorations, fun filled schedules as well as great ideas for attendees to enjoy their time.


Besides the planting, various stations were set offering different activities / hand crafts for the children i.e Design your pot, photobooth for pics etc..


HI !


Games and prizes + giveaways for kids

Jolly McDo staff doing their thaaaang for the crowd <3

Here comes Ronald <3 explaining to kids how to plant and soil

Alma planting <3 I got to plant myself as well and it was so much fun! Oh, and kids don’t let you help them they just loved it!

My baby with her baby

This girl has a seeeerious crush! <3

I got a souvenir from this day, I love love LOVE the design on the T-shirt!

I didn’t stay till the end where they had a cake sadly but I left very happy and thankful for what I have and even more appreciative of having Alma in my life..



One: You’d think of telling me “But you already have some assistance at home so stop complaining!” <– to that I’d say, even if there’s some stranger in my house taking care of my child at ease and comfortably – may I add while I slave from morning till around 6 pm or till I reach home AND get back home to cook, arrange, give a bath, put to sleep is not really fair at all! and is very very depressing because at some points I literally feel like I am about to explode!


Two: To those who do not pay enough respect to mothers, working mothers to be specific, go to hell! I used to strongly argue that a woman / any woman can create the right balance – an equilibrium in her life when it comes to work and her own family! I miserably failed and I have to admit that at some point, we working moms do sacrifice a bunch of things just to maintain a peaceful life and the right atmosphere for the young ones.


My daughter was really sick for an entire week and the last choice we had was an IV drip, heck even when we tried she wouldn’t take it and 5 of us couldn’t control her “satanically possessed” side! It was so embarrassing at the clinic then again, I made peace with myself and came to the conclusion that in case someone decides to make a note of my child being noisy – naughty, the response back would not be of his / her liking and I seriously did it a couple of times until those individuals learn how to mind their own business and put their selves in our shoes.



My Alma is almost 2 now and I don’t know whether it’s ok if we throw her a lavish birthday bash or just do it at home.. either, or she deserves it since her first one was a family one but now she learned how sing “Hippy beedey toh yo”, she knows how to blow candles, she dances like belly dancer so I figure give the girl what she wants! Having said that, maaaan allah yekhally o ye7my all our kids ameen bas having kids is a roller coaster! and sometimes having insufficient support would have serious negative consequences…


Enough blabbering.. things wont get nicer from here!


McDonald’s Kuwait is pleased to announce the a fun photography contest called “My McDonald’s” starting on Jan. 10. 2013 till Jan. 26. 2013.

The competition, that is open to all individuals in the State of Kuwait, and will be a platform to showcase their creativity and talent by using either their smartphones or digital cameras.  Participants will be asked to capture their best McDonald’s experience (a family picture at a restaurant, a sunset behind a store, their favorite meal etc.)

For more info, visit McDonaldsArabia’s tab for this contest [ HERE ]







In order to be eligible for the smartphone contests users can:


–       Submit up to 2 photos taken with their smartphone per week

–       Submissions must take place on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to: mymcdonalds@mcdonalds-kuwait.com.

–       They must submit the photo with their name, contact number, and type of camera they used in order to be eligible.


Once they have been submitted, all photos for that week will be posted on the McDonald’s Arabia Instagram page under the hashtag #mymcdonaldskw and in the album titled “My McDonald’s Kuwait” on the McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page.




–       Voting will take place from Sunday to Tuesday of every week on McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page and Instagram




–       3 weekly winners with the most “Likes” (between both Facebook and Instagram) will be announced every Wednesday

–       A Nikon D5200 DSLR cameras will be awarded to each weekly winner





–       For digital camera users, each participant will have between Jan. 10 to Jan. 26 to submit their best 2 photos to mymcdonalds@mcdonalds-kuwait.com

–       At the end of the month a grand prize will be awarded to the top 3 photos.

–       Judging panel will consist of prominent Kuwaiti photographers: Abdul Aziz Al Asousi, Majed Al Zaabi and Faisal Al Bisher.


Three photos will be chosen for a grand prize.


1st Place:            2000 KWD

2nd Place:           1000 KWD

3rd Place:            500 KWD


The winners of these prizes will be announced at an awards ceremony on February 2nd 2013.





I’m submitting this :P – As if!


As received by email:


We at 6alabat believe that we need to give to society in order to receive and there is no better way to do so than participating in such generous events. That being said, we would kindly like to ask you to decide the distance you have opted for running  (10K – 21K) and send us a copy of your civil ID in order to contact KCR and notify them with the list of participants.

The event will start on Saturday, 17th of November at 7:30am and will last until 12PM from Marina Crescent to the Green Island (find attached the route map and race schedule)

Each registered participant will get a KCR race bag with the following:

  • Bib number
  • Timing chip
  • Dry fit t-shirt from Nike (Kindly specify your t-shirt size in order for us to notify KCR)
  • Wrist band to determine the distance
  • Route map and race program






It’s for a good case, I might take kid and do it!


For more information on the organizer, Check 6alabat’s [ FB Page ], their [ YOUTUBE ] channel and follow them on [ TWITTER ] .




Minding my own business, NOT, one day and after opening my mouth too soon about a picture I saw posted on Instagram by [B&D], I received a special phone call ;p and I seriously was clueless till I saw the brown paper bag! Yes I semi rush things all the time I know …


I was so happy and again, thankful hence this post which I owe to the Diet Center people here in Kuwait for the lovely thought and “sweet” eideyah :)



Bag came containing a greeting card, a Green box and 3 packs of different Arabic “DIET” sweets! First pack was done almost in 20 minutes since I was shy to show people around my “eating ability” !



The box, served as a flyer if one could say with all the nutritional values for Eid devouring and cool tips on how to survive Eid meals and sweets.. cute idea I’d have to say.


I subscribed to DietCenter Kuwait and I did manage to trim down a bit but I sadly had to quit because I find it real hard to manage some time to exercise with my working hours and Alma so weight loss at one point just stopped and I gave up.. Read more on my experience, the short one [ HERE ]


For more on Diet Center, Check their [ WEBSITE ], Instagram account @dietcenterkw, [ TWITTER ] account, [ FACEBOOK ] page and their [ YOUTUBE ] channel.



Or you can go ahead and use below contacts:
– Phone: 24918901/02 – 97313395
– Email: ndc@dietcenterkuwait.com


Adding on the list “of things to do in Kuwait when bored”, is Karting!


1. It’s not a boys only activity so yes, you girls can go and kick ass like I did although after the 3rd lap, it got boring!

2. Go ahead of time since it’s by booking and it takes for EVER till your turn comes

3. Learn how to use the breaks OR you’ll run someone over as the case with me!


I got to go with a group of guys to Pro-Kart and although we spent like a good 30 minutes looking for the location, we finally made it and then we waited for around one and a half hour to go around the track in our karting cars :> <– unfun for ladies but one has to try something new!


Anyhow, those are the snaps I did manage to take








I “borrowed” this map from [ 360 Diwan ] along with their post on it.


Visit the Pro-Kart website [ HERE ] for more info.  although it doesn’t open here with me!




I’ve never been so hooked on You Tube till I started watching Promise’s videos [ HERE ] which lead me to another extremely creative young lady and she’s not only talented with makeup – special FX tutorials, she’s so good in making videos it’s just way to sick.. in a good way of course! Promise Phan is equally talented and you’ll defiantly enjoy watching her transformations as well, the things both ladies do with makeup is freakin’ amazing!


Meet Michelle Phan on You Tube [ HERE ]



She’s called the “Surprise Millionaire” , because 5 years ago she uploaded her first makeup tutorial and ever since she’s made a huge fan base and people- myself included, now wait for her videos to be uploaded. She’s got her own makeup line and jewellery; Lancome decided to snitch her for their channel to do the tutorials! She’s not only good with that, she offers extremely creative ideas of anything she lays hands on! You have to check her channel to know what I’m talking about.


Needless to mention, she’s been featured on TV, she hosts events etc.. the whole 10 yards! I am afraid I’m going to sound like a hormonal teenager when I say this but “MICHELLE, I LOVE YOU” <– *High pitched shriek* !


Her latest make up video was on transforming into Barbie then “zombiefing” her! Watch it [ HERE ]



Zombie Barbie!

She truly deserves and is worth the time to go through ALL her videos and if you decide to become a fan, don’t miss out on her her [ BLOG ], [ FACEBOOK ] page,  INSTAGRAM account @michellefawn  and of course, [ TWITTER ] account which not active btw!

I’m sincerely having second thoughts on a career change to become a makeup artist hence considering to apply for some courses! :o

and if you ever come across this post Michelle, again:

“I LOVE YOU” <– *High pitched shriek* !








 Early Learning Centre launches full product range on Mothercare site

The Early Learning Centre, one of the UK’s number one brands dedicated to supporting mums in helping their children grow into happy self-confident people, has launched its full range of products, as well as many other additional brands, online with Mothercare.

Customers shopping on [ MOTHERCARE ] will now be able to browse ELC toys and even place orders within a Mothercare order. Busy parents can choose to have their orders delivered to their home in just four working days or they can collect their purchases from the Mothercare store of their choice after two working days. Customers can also select to pay on delivery, either when the goods are delivered to their home or when they collect in store.

The complete online launch of ELC includes UK brands alongside local brands such as ‘Aquadoodle’ and ‘Leapfrog.’ For bilingual parents, other brands like ‘VTech’ and ‘Fun to Learn’ can help teach children in two tongues.

Early Learning Centre products are more than simple toys, they enable self-expression, encourage creative thinking, promote feelings of happiness, high self-esteem and much more. Explore the wide range from baby and toddler, action and adventure, arts and creativity, learning and books, sports and activity and much more. This is where fun and learning go hand in hand.

Visit [ MOTHERCARE ] to browse the latest in Early Learning Centre toys!







For one, you can call it a  baby “Harness” and secondly; I don’t like being stared down at by others when I decide to use it with my kid!

1. She’s my kid and I can do whatever I see suitable to train – raise her well

2. I need people to argue back on why it is humiliating to use the harness and that they compare that to walking a dog!


I have a daughter who is basically distracted and attracted by everything in front of her! She loves running around the whole place which is besides tiring, also a source of great worry to me! Last week, I made sure to inform her dad to keep an eye on her while I was in Gap checking stuff for her and as I walk out of the shop, the man looks and asks “Where’s Alma?!MY HEART SANK TO MY FEET! I started running in the shop screaming where’s my baby and that felt like shit!! I don’t know if I would have survived if God forbid, she was lost :( I went back home and instructed Dear Nanny to keep it in her diaper bag from now on.


Again, at the Avenues she does the same and then I got the harness out and strapped her.. she didn’t mind although she wasn’t comfortable like usual so I was relieved but people wouldn’t back off with their condemning looks! man mumbled as well so I took it off. Why in other countries people are ok with this idea while here we are too retarded to accept it as a safety measurement!?




For more information on the event, visit their website [ HERE ], FB page [ HERE ] or their Instagram account @nuqat. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel [ HERE ]


Watch part 1 of the speakers’ message [ HERE ]


A couple of bloggers were invited to attend McDonald’s Bloggers’ Day Offline event yesterday; I didn’t want to miss out, got the camera n’ had myself ready for this event. Preparations for this day were on hand & foot as well as tensed specially for devising the activities for the bloggers and their families, mostly children with special gifts and a rating system which would leave no room for doubt nor mistakes!


As I arrived early, I witnessed all the hard work the team put into changing the Mc’Cafe area as well as the birthday hall in their Corniche branch into this colorful area with different stations for games.. this was named the “Bloggers’ Fun Fair” and all, I mean ALL were so excited to welcome and entertain fellow bloggers. I wished all could have made it and today I saw how inside each, there was this little boy – girl, who was more than happy to interact with Ronald and get the chance to meet him in person as he decided to be there for them alone :)


The main idea behind this campaign doesn’t lie in boycotting Telecom – Mobile companies, it’s all about McDonals’ owning this special day on the calendar, Sept. 28th in which it emphasizes on the importance of having the whole family engage in fun activities away from any device concerned.  One would argue and say: “How are we supposed to buy this idea when we are bloggers!?” I mean, we practically live on our devices – applications but I am a believer today! I saw families spend at least one hour going around the booths, children being so happy cheering for their parents and most importantly, how they bonded in completing each game! Although the phone vaults are not yet distributed but the mobiles were away! It’s not that hard and it doesn’t revolve around other service providers.. It’s all about quality family time which McDonalds’ is keen on providing.. It’s not just a burger joint, the brand’s dedication towards social responsibility is high enough and going into each branch, it shows how the staff are specially trained – no, basically brainwashed into this :p


Again, the phone vault, what is it?!

It’s an envelope, if one could say for your cell phones which will be distributed next week and make sure to get yours – in McDonald’s branches. You are asked nicely to keep it and on the 28th of this month and when you walk into any McDonald’s branch, you are again, nicely asked to keep your device in it and have it kept in your bag – or your wife’s bag :p and forget about the world outside playing games which extend from morning till night with special prizes and other activities such as the Family Portrait… I am taking Alma to Corniche enshallah, I wouldn’t miss it!


The Phone Vault

Here are some of the photos I managed to take during the event..

Bloggers with the Marketing Director Mr. George Khawwam

The registration table by McDo’s staff for the games and points

One of the Fun Fair Stations.. All the games are hand made by the staff <3

Ronald showing off his Day Offline dedication.. should I add that he’s an Apple freak! He wouldn’t take any mobile at the beginning Ha ha!

Lulu’s cutest smile for Ronald

Ronald never fell in love with a toy till he met Jacqui ! :p

Ronald and the “Busy Bees” behind the event

Don’t miss out on Sept. 28th and get your family off to any of their branches for more details if you wish. I wrote a couple of posts on this day [ HERE ] and [ HERE ] so show your support.. it won’t make you fat as you think ;p

And from fellow bloggers check [ Chillnite ] and [ Q8Path ] and I will update this post with other bloggers’ reviews!

UPDATE: Check [ PinkGirlQ8 ]’s review & [ Kuwaitiful ] ‘s great one with a video of Ronald ! Check out the post from [ HiKuwait ] , [ B&D Kuwait ] and [ Kuwaitsale ]

Thank you McDonalds and Ronald in specific for this day :)



I got an email from a dear friend and fellow netizen, and this person deserves support :)


Follow Global Khrafi’s brands and show love!




Facebook : NinoRestaurants

Twitter : @ninorestaurant

Instagram: @Nino_restaurant



Facebook : poshcafeme

Twitter: @poshcafe_kuwait

Instagram : @poshcafe


Bredz Artisan Bakery & KITCHEN :

Facebook : Bredzkuwait

Twitter : @bredz_kuwait



Johnny Rockets:

Facebook: johnnyrocketsme

Twitter: @johnnyrocketskw

Instagram : @johnnyrocketskw



Facebook: LeilaRestaurants.Kuwait

Twitter: @LeilaKuwait

Instagram: @leila_Kuwait


Bredz Factory :

Facebook : bredz factory kuwait

Twitter :@bredz_factory

Instagram : bredz_factory



I tried all of them, love Bredz & Johnny Rockets ! I wish I had pics for all of them


Famous smiley ketchup face at Rockets!

Delicious veal dish (forgot the name) from Posh Cafe



Lookin for somethin’!

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